Again and again and again…

What to say when everything has already been said…Have I written about this before? Or has it just been bouncing around in my head, occupying space?

I have been distant for many months and a part of me felt good about it. It felt good to not write when I know I should have, a delinquency on my part that I reveled in. But, the time has come for me to begin again for the third time.

I go through periods where I do not want to write or share my life with others on various other social media platforms. I cut myself off after watching a documentary on Netflix, and thus, have been trying not to get caught up in it all again but it is hard to keep away from. So here I am again writing and wanting to get in contact with the rest of the world again.

I am 25 and have yet to find myself. I wake up most days wondering who I will be that day and I wonder if this is just a Tiara thing or if most young adults feel this way, too. This is all to say that I am still trying to find myself and that is why I write and then don’t write, then write again.

I see myself as someone who tries things out, spends weeks obsessed with the thing, gives up the thing, then comes back to the thing after a few months. I think I do this because I get tired of things quickly but end up missing them so I begin them again. So here I am again. It feels good to be back.

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