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I used to write a lot in school, primarily because I was an English major and our homework/tests consisted of writing paper after paper, following the prompts and trying our best to impress the professors. Throughout community college and my time at CSUF, I’ve received A’s on nearly every paper and marks of approval from my professors. One professor who I greatly admired throughout my time at CSUF even said that she loved my writing style! So, yes, I can write very well in an academic, professional setting.

With that being said, I’ve decided that this blog will consist of all of the things I have never gotten to write about, and will include my thoughts, emotions, and reactions to life. I have never written for myself, even though my English professors suggested that all students should do so. Now that I think about it, I haven’t done a lot of things that have been suggested to me, but I think that I am finally ready to do those things. I don’t know where the motivation came from but I’m glad that it is finally here.

Now that the motivation has found its’ way to me, I’d like to use writing as a way to let everything out, in hopes that I become the person I have always wanted to be. To me, writing will be my comfort, like listening to music or reading is for others.

This space is my own, but I will gladly share it with others.

Goodnight…*insert sleeping emoji*


After my first blog post yesterday, I was overcome with a plethora of things that I could write about and fill my blog with. I challenged myself to write at least one a day, and was really looking forward to writing today. However, as I sat down to write, nothing came to me. Jake suggested that I write about what we did today, so what follows is a story of one of our many misadventures. Credit is graciously given to Jake for the inspiration…

Earlier this morning, Jake and I, along with his puppy, Florentine, went to Carbon Canyon in Brea. (Florentine is not actually a puppy, but that’s what I call her, much easier to say than Florentine) So, the three of us hiked the dirt path and followed it to the redwoods. The redwoods were tall, but not as tall as I expected them to be. I also expected there to be hundreds more than there actually were. I was thinking “Trail of Hundred Giants Trailhead in Porterville” big. I was wrong, of course, but I was not disappointed. I learned from the signs how the redwoods came to be and why they aren’t as big and numerous as I expected. Jake also spotted some rocks, all stacked up and balanced atop one another. I didn’t snap a photo, but am thankful for whoever took the time to balance the rocks for others to see and enjoy.

On our way back to the park, Jake spotted a snake in the bushes and heroically diverted Florentine away from it. (Puppy was never in any danger, but could have been if Jake wasn’t paying attention) I didn’t see the snake AT ALL, what with my dark-shaded glasses and being distracted by the nature surrounding me. Thank goodness he is more observant and more aware of his surroundings than I am. Long story short, I have learned that I am not a good pet-parent…As always, I am extremely thankful that Jake is willing to hike with me, that he protects our puppy from venomous snakes, and that he gives me inspiration when I don’t see any in sight.

All of this is to say that inspiration can strike anywhere, and then become obsolete when it’s actually time to sit down and write! Despite all of the inspiring things that I thought of yesterday and today, I still needed a push in the right direction. So here is a takeaway from our misadventure of the day: Inspiration can be anywhere, anything, or anyone…deep in the redwoods of Brea, deadly Arizona black rattlesnakes, or a man named Jake (not the guy from StateFarm, but my Jake).

The beginning of many ramblings

I always have these wild, constant thoughts about how I want to live my life, or how I should. This will be a space for me to work through all of those thoughts, and to try and make something out of them! Also, I’ve been wanting to write about my life and share with others, whoever they end up being. I crave to document my life somehow, other than posting all over social media, so this will be the place for me to do so. Follow me if you’d like! Share your ideas with me and ask me about mine! Life is wonderful and I think we should share it!

Introducing Myself

Hi there! My name is Tiara Smith and I am a senior at CSUF, currently majoring in English and Women & Gender Studies. I have yet to decide what I’m going to do after college, but whatever I do end up doing, I know it’ll involve writing. My passions include writing, reading, traveling, and spending time with family. If I could get paid for doing that, I’d be set for life! Unfortunately, one must work and put in effort to prosper in life, so here I am, blogging. Happy reading 🙂

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